At Haryana, we are committed to a green energy transportation and life style.  So I like to ride my bike often when traveling in places like Riverside, County, California in cities like Temecula.  There are ways to stay safe on bicycles in Riverside that can help to reduce accidents and injuries. Bicycles can be enjoyable to ride and a great way to exercise, but it can also be dangerous on the roads of Riverside with the congested streets. A fallen powerline can easily cause an electrocution.

Wearing a helmet is always a wise idea when riding a bicycle and not just for children, because if you are involved in an accident it can protect you from your head directly hitting the pavement, or from the impact of a powerline falling on you. That can reduce traumatic head injuries, just like wearing protective and bright colored clothing. Bright colored clothing can alert drivers, because after a bicycle and car collision the driver often says that they did not see the rider prior to the crash.

Follow the flow of traffic and the rules of the road, this will help to reduce the risk of being involved in a collision, along with brightly colored clothing. Ensure that the bicycle has the proper reflectors and that they are not dirty or broken before taking a ride, when turning always use hand signals to alert drivers.

When all this is followed it is still possible to be involved in a car accident and that means being injured in most cases and often the injuries are severe. If the bicycle rider is involved in a collision with a motor vehicle they have no protection like the driver does and it means hitting the pavement. That can result in head injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, cuts, scrapes and gashes. When the injuries are severe enough it can also mean the rider is fatally injured, even if they have followed all of the traffic laws and worn the appropriate bike riding gear. 

So I go online and find this great reviews about this ex Marine who practices law as a bicycle injury attorney, to learn and discovered that bicycle law is tough.  To learn more, you can contact him. 

A Fallen Powerline Can Kill You

The bicycle rider that is injured can expect to have injuries that will take time to heal, that will mean loss of work and that can be permanently debilitating in some cases. If a car hits a powerline, and it falls, your dead, or electrocuted, or worse. These injuries can change the rider’s life, even though they did everything right. This is because some drivers are not as careful as they should be when there is a bicyclist on the road. After a bicycle accident that occurred due to a negligent driver it is important to hold them responsible and to ease the financial burden caused by their negligence.

The way to do this is to have your rights to compensation protected by a Riverside bicycle accident attorney, because they understand how bicycle accidents occur and how serious the injuries can be and the time they take to heal.